Hey! So I haven’t been posting because of school. I know that sounds lame, but it is KIND OF important. School was coming to an end and I had to focus on finals and studying. I usually write my blogs during school. I couldn’t do that. I just finished finals yesterday and WOW they were hard. I think I did okay though. I’m going on a road trip to Ohio to see my dad. I’m not going to post my family problems out to you guys just yet, but me and my Dad haven’t been getting along in the past two years and now I’m going to see him. The beginning of my summer is proving to be very stressful. The trip will take about a week, so I’ll probably miss two posts. Ill post all about my trip when I get back! Wish me luck on everything. And just saying, I have never had a sunburn in my entire life, and I have one. It is covering my back, front, face and legs. I can not believe how much pain I go through when I try to sleep. It sucks. A lot. Wear sunscreen! Love pandas! Love you! Bye!



Chinese store

Hey! So I go to the Mall a ton. I’m almost always there with a friend or my mom or something. There is this place in the Mall I go to that is super small. This Chinese woman runs it and I never see anyone go into it. Me and my friend started to try to go in there and attempt to buy something. I picked up a bamboo plant thing and the woman that runs the store started talking to me. I’m not being racist or anything, but she spoke FULL Chinese or whatever language that sounded like it . I started to understand why no one really went there, because she was the only person ever there. I guess this story isn’t funny or anything ( if it is then, I’m glad you enjoyed it ), but I just wanted to say it. It was on the top of my Note List of stories to tell. I’m getting back into the swing of normal routine. Blog will probably be getting back into schedule. I have 11 school days left and have been counting since 72. I could really use some comments. Im also getting my braces off really soon! Love you!



Hey. I missed posting twice last week. WARNING: This post will make you sad. :GNINRAW. On Monday something totally awful happened. We just put a fence in my backyard. We have two dogs. Some of my family, my friend and I were hanging out. My friend and I went to the mall. She went home and I hung out with my grandparents. They went home and me and my parents ate dinner outside. That’s my stepdad, my mom, me, and my two dogs. My mom opened the gate to let the dogs into the house so that THEY could eat and stuff. One dog ran inside, safe and sound, the other one ran into the street. There was a car coming. Me and my parents witnessed my beautiful little puppy die. A ton of people stopped and tried to help. A woman tried giving her CPR, but she wasn’t breathing. We took her to a emergency pet hospital, but they couldn’t do anything. On top of us losing our puppy, the hospital charged us two hundred dollars. They didn’t do anything, and they still charged us so much. Its a really huge blow after all the money we put into the fence. That was last Monday and my heart still feels completely empty. It’s like one tiny little mistake and your life is changed. Her name was Maxine. She was a boxer and was only a year old. We called her Maxie girl. I’m so sad. I didn’t think that I would still feel bad after a week, but it’s really hard. I now have a marked worst day of my entire life. Love you.



Hey! Thank you for liking my hair! Your super cool! So happy Thursday and I hope your week was cool. Tomorrow’s Friday and I can’t wait! I don’t tan that good and I noticed that my legs were super pale when I put on my new shorts. I decided for the first time in my life to try some fake tanning cream stuff. I put it on and there wasn’t a difference. The next day (Sunday), my legs were super orange. And I’m talking oompa loompa territory orange. I have been wearing jeans since Monday and it’s finally wearing off now. I’m going to wear a dress tomorrow because it’s cute and new and I can finally wear it. Btw, does this count as a story? How was YOUR week? Comment. Have a super cool weekend and stuff and I shall see you Monday! ( also pandas, whoops almost forgot ). Love you!


Pink hair!

Hey! First things first, I love you guys! That was a super cool comment! And now I answer the questions. The layout I use is not payed for. I made the blog and I customized it to a layout called Fruit Shake because it looked really cute. I then changed it to bananas. Thank you for everything you said! I love you! And on to another thing. As you maybe noticed, I didn’t post yesterday. That was because I was streaking my hair pink. I think it looks pretty good, but I’ll leave that up to you. That’s all I really have to say for now, but I do have some stories to write about soon. I hope your week is totally cool. See you Friday! Love pandas. Love you!


Blah blah blah blah…….

Hey! What’s up? How has your week been? Its almost the weekend, we’re almost there! I almost (ALMOST) forgot to post. I JUST finished watching Season 2 of Ghost Whisperer on Netflix. It was amazing and I can’t wait to start on Season 3. I have also been finding a bunch of new YouTubers to watch. Most people won’t relate, but for those who do, they know how wonderful it is find someone new and funny to watch. What’s happening in YOUR lives? Hmmmmm? Why don’t you comment or something. The ones that comment are precious to my heart. And that’s pretty cool. Panda cool. Ask or suggest stuff. Do you relate to me on any way? If you do, say it. It means so much to me. And questions! Please! GIVE me something to talk about. Well, that’s all for now! I’ll see you Monday! Love you!



Hey! So I did it! I stuck to my schedule! I have super good news again! I talked to my crush, it was great. I can’t explain the details of how the conversation went down, because there is a really big chance that he reads this. Don’t worry. I also found my new favorite song, it’s called Remember The Name. And I’m sitting on my bed in pajama pants and a huge sweatshirt because for some reason, it’s like an ice box in my house. I have no clue why. I’m also fretting over what my favorite color is right now, any ideas? Because apparently transparent ‘isn’t a color’ derpty derp. Ugh! Whats yoooour favorite color? Tell me! I have to go do stuff, but I will talk to you Thursday! Pandas are cool. Commenting is cool. It’s all about being cool, dude, all about BEING COOL. Love you!



Hey! So tomorrow night is the last day of my blog and nail challenge. I’m going to have a schedule for my blog. Like every Monday and Thursday. That seems like a good schedule for my not-so-popular blog, right? I have to clean my ENTIRE upstairs domain because my Mom wants to have people over. I’m listening to 24/7 comedy on I Heart Radio. I LOVE comedians. I have a long night ahead of me, so I hope that yours is better. Comment or something. Remember that pandas are beautiful. Love you!



Hey! So my weekend was good, how was yours? I didn’t really hang out with anybody, but I did go shopping both Saturday and Sunday. I got new shorts. I’m really excited that summer is so close. There is about 30 days until Summer Vacation! That’s about 5 weeks. Summers gonna be great. My favorite music artist just came out with a new song. Ive been listening to it and it’s meaning.Other good things are I now ALWAYS have somewhere to sit at lunch, and that’s a really great feeling. Knowing that you don’t have to look for somebody that’s willing to sit with you. My braces will be off some point soon. Which is totally great. I hope good things are happening to you too! Why don’t you tell me in the comments or something……… that would be cool. And I found this game called Doodle Book, and it’s super cute. I hope you like the nail design, it took long enough. Also, pandas. Love you!



Hey! I love you guys! Your’e commenting and stuff. That’s so awesome. So, about my thing that I said yesterday, I took my own advice. And nothing seriously big happened, but I did talk to my crush. That’s big, for me. I realize that the nail design I did yesterday is super amateur, but that’s the point of my challenge. It’s to make me do a new design every night to get me better at it. Hopefully todays is better. People that comment are cool. So if you want to be cool, comment. You might just get a free panda! And pandas are cool! Tell me stuff that you want me to talk about or something. Thanks! Have a cool day and I hope that you talk to your crush. I hope something amazing happens to you. Love you!